So, Lonna… what do you do?

I’m the person who will help you change your tune.

You know that song you just can’t get out of your head? 

And don’t be embarrassed, most of us have one. You know the song I mean — the song that keeps playing in your head telling you you’re stuck and things will never change?


The lyrics that replay and say you are not good enough or as happy as you can be?

That’s where I come in.     guitar-1015750_1920

There are many paths to change. Mine came through embracing the hidden and healing power of music — both literally and figuratively.  

And, since I love sharing and helping people, my life’s work has been helping others who want to heal their own lives to create a new “inner playlist”  and fine tune their voice inside.

It’s time to stop holding back, live authentically, and let your voice be heard. 


Now. Today. Isn’t it time to take your life to the top of the charts? Let me help. 

As a professional Life Mentor, I’ll show you the way to change your tune and change your life. 

The time is now. Start today. “Live Your Song”

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