In 2006, two major things happened in my life: I became an internationally known recording artist and had my first child.

This contrast was representative of the internal and external conflict I experienced for years. On one hand, I was young, gifted, and talented with hopes to change the world. On the other, totally confused about what good could come from this.

I had hoped, dreamed and prayed for this moment. Yet, there I was, wanting to crawl into a hole, hide, and never say another word. Long-time friends turned their backs, loved ones distanced themselves and I struggled to find my identity again.

Somewhere along the way to purpose, I lost my way.

Disappointed by life and circumstance, in an instant, my moment of opportunity slipped through my hands, and I instantly felt like just another statistic.

Was I becoming known as just another Baby Momma? Was this my fate? Would this become my legacy?

Would I be a has been or just another voice on the radio? Or just another broken record played over and over again only to be forgotten?

My dilemma was clear. I had a choice to own up to my mistakes and face the music or go hard after my childhood dream.

As a first-time mother, I didnt have a manual. My record label wanted me to hit the road without a promise of consistent income and I wanted to protect my child from the pain, misery and ridicule that I knew all so well growing up in a single-parent home.

As I look back nine years later, my songs did make the top of the charts, but never reached platinum. However, I started to sing a song that will be sung for generations to come.

Living Your Song is not about fame and fortune. Nor it is about being known as a household name. It is about living by your own rules, defying definitions and stigmas. It is about going beyond self-imposed limitations, disappointments and failures of the past.

If you are reading this blog, you are someone just like me,who has been called to make an impact beyond mere musical melodies to share your life and song with the world. The wait is over. Its your time to shine. Its your time to sing. Are you ready to press past the pain and humiliation that your life may have seen?  Are you ready to live your song? was created just for you. It is a place where you can be transparent and real. You can take off the mask and let go of the shame. It’s time to take your life to the top of the charts.