Is LonnaHardin.com for me?

LonnaHardin.com was created as a “Go-To Resource” for single mothers, solopreneurs, renaissance women, visionaries, first-time authors, and aspiring artists looking for mentoring, strategy, development, support, tips and expertise on their journey to make an impact and leave a legacy for future generations.

Why does LonnaHardin.com exist?

Our site exists to bring hope to the hopeless, equip leaders, help women define what matters to them and quickly reach their dreams.

Additionally, LonnaHardin.com connect “little guys” with “best kept secrets” and inside information to help them compete in their industries, expand their ideas, give legs to vision, and provide a step-by-step action plan for those looking for profitable ways to express their passion and voice to make an impact on the world.

What is your expertise?

Lonna is a well known author and singer with over 20 years of entertainment, keynote, leadership, coaching, consulting, nonprofit, writing, and digital marketing expertise.

What makes LonnaHardin.com different from other websites?

LonnaHardin.com is about building long term relationships and helping people reach their full potential. We take a  people-centered approach.

Our site is driven by the core values of excellence, leadership, voice, and compassion.

What does the term “Live Your Song” really mean?

No matter who you are, what your status is in life or where you have been, the odds are not against you. It means embracing your story and what you’ve been through.

Be who you are, take action and walk out your dreams to create a beautiful masterpiece to touch the world and be sung for generations to come.

Do you offer any guarantees?

LonnaHardin.com is always looking to provide 5-star service and your comments are critical to helping us achieve that goal. Suggestions and insights help us get better. Your feedback is always shared with our Operations team.

In the event that you are not satisfied and your issue cannot be resolved, we offer around the clock support and a 100% money back guarantee.

What is the cost of your services?

Lonna Hardin.com works with clients across the globe. We take a customized approach.

We offer personalized coaching, monthly subscription services, motivational keynotes, workshop facilitation, seminars, musical performances, and inspirational products.

Please contact us at info.lonnahardin@gmail.com for more information on pricing.

What products and services do you offer?

You can learn more about the products and services we offer by visiting our shop now page.

How can people connect with you on social media?




Does LonnaHardin.com partner with other coaches, businesses, or organizations?

Yes, we invite businesses, nonprofits, schools, churches, organizations and community leaders to partner with us as we help give voice to the voiceless and take the “Live Your Song” message to the world.

What causes do LonnaHardin.com support?

We are specifically interested in cultivating single mothers, children, youth, and leaders with a positive message who want to expand their skills, master intellectual property know how, gain access to the industry, and develop creative business strategies.

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