Just a quick note to say many thanks for your invaluable advice, support and guidance. I cannot express my gratitude enough for making some extremely upsetting situations bearable.You’re what making a difference looks like. You’re a lifesaver. Literally. And thanks for believing in someone you once didn't even know.  LonnaHardin.com = awesome. Me = grateful.

TinyKidney.Org - Cordova, Tennessee

Lonna Hardin is one of the most encouraging people I know. Living her song is about helping others discover their purpose, live their dreams and be true to who they are. Any time I feel discouraged I just remember I need to live my song, because my song was designed just for me. And I love that I can look to Lonna for inspiration in my time of need.

ChristianStockroom.com - Fort Myers, Florida

I have been very impressed with the hard work LonnaHardin.com is doing, while impacting the lives of others. It takes fortitude, drive, effort and extreme dedication to take on such a task. Lonna's love for people, experience, leadership, insight and organizational skills are an asset to the marketplace. Many congratulations on your success!

Mae Clark President
CEO People With Pride Inc. - Pomona, California

LonnaHardin.com is such an inspiration to me and my family. The development of this unique program has inspired me to move forward in finding my purpose and creating a legacy for my children's children.  "Live Your Song" is built on basic principles guided with the unique skills of Lonna Hardin. Lonna's tenacity, creativity in music, artistic credentials, and strategic wealth building principles will take you mentally, physically, and spiritually to another dimension!

Kimberly Johnson
FosteringYouth.Org – Gary, Indiana

I want to thank Dr. Hardin for encouraging me to "Live My Song!" She has helped me to "live it" specifically in the area of investments and strategic relationships. She has contributed to me, being intentional and meeting some of my goals I would not have achieved on my own. Dr. Hardin is an expert in strategically aligning, encouraging and walking people to live the life they were designed and destined to live, on purpose!

Kevin Kelley
Exec. Director Prison Ministries Of Delaware - Newark, Delaware prisonministriesofdelaware.com

Although old enough to be Lonna's mother, I can honestly say Ms. Hardin has provided and connected me to so many different resources throughout my life.  I completed a thorough business plan for my bead store because contacts Lonna put me in touch with. She has given great leads regarding investment strategies and trust accounts. Recently, Lonna provided information I can use to acquire financial backing for my real-estate investment company. What I love about Ms. Hardin is the fact that she cares about your dreams and the information she shares is not mediocre. It’s the kind you receive when you know the right people. Lonna Hardin has become one of my "go to" people.

Alesia Flowers
Real Estate Investor and Business Owner - Dimondale, Michigan

I've known Dr. Hardin for nearly 20 years and have known her to be a person of passion and purpose. "Live Your Song" is an expression of these two qualities. Dr. Hardin has educated and equipped herself to impact and cause others to maximize their lives. She has on several occasions assisted and supported me to expand on both personal and business levels. I've observed Dr. Hardin develop character and meet every challenge with persistence and integrity. She has remained true to her vision of abundant life. I am confident that she has the passion and ability to contribute (help) you "Live Your Song."

-Ronald Stephens, AKA “Pop Legend”
PopzTopz.com – Columbus, Ohio

Lonna Hardin is amazingly creative! Her ability to merge business and music is very impressive. She is not just a singer, but a unique instrument whose heart is much bigger than her voice. More than someone full of words without action... Lonna Hardin gets it done!

-Ryan Rutley
Psalms Group Studios - Southfield, Michigan

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