Today, Lonna Hardin is a life mentor, expert, and coach who lectures, teaches and trains individuals and groups around the world.  But that’s not the path she started out on… 


Lonna fell in love with music at an early age. She began singing in choirs, writing songs, performing at talent shows, and pursuing her dreams. At age 9, she served as President for the James Cleveland Gospel Music Workshops of America El Paso Chapter. At age 12, Lonna recorded with Gospel legend, Charles Fold. In 2006, she was signed with Redeemed Soul. Her neo soul and sultry sound produced hits such as “I Belong To You,” “Tender Mercy,” “I Never Knew,” and “Can’t Nobody.”

Lonna has been featured on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and the top 150 gospel stations across the US. Credited as Number 17 on the Top 30 International Artists in Europe and France, she has traveled extensively throughout the world sharing the stage with General Colin PowellDorinda Clark-ColeMarvin SappBen Tankard, and Lisa Page Brooks.

tit-1278641_1920Lonna’s song is one of redemption and reinvention. For years Lonna had to fight for the right to sing and have her voice heard. When she was a little girl she was constantly told she was “tone deaf” and would never be able to sing. The product of a single family home, she was raised by a business woman who instilled in her resilience, compassion and a drive to overcome. 

Throughout life, no matter how many times met with an obstacle. Lonna found the strength from within to move forward. Growing up without a Father was not easy, oftentimes she lacked the confidence needed to follow her dreams and believe in herself. In 2002, she lost three close friends in a very short time frame and had to find the strength to grieve alone. The same year, her 52-year old Mother (the rock of her family) suffered a brain aneurysm and stroke on both sides of her brain. Lonna’s world was turned upside down. Her and her family had to learn to care for an elderly parent who needed 24 hour care. Unable to care for her, her Mother ended up in a nursing home.

Fighting through this time, Lonna still pushed on towards her dream. In 2005 she was offered a recording contract. Not only did Lonna find herself finally being able to pursue her passions, she found herself pregnant and raising her daughter alone. She had to make the hardest decision of her life. Lonna chose the “road less traveled” choosing to beat the odds as a single Mother, leave a legacy and make a long term impact to change the world. directory-466935_1280

Today as a Musical Speaker Lonna shares her why, what inspires her, how she is able to overcome trials and how music can heal your heart. She knows what it’s like to feel depressed, overwhelmed, overlooked, unloved, ignored, and alone. Through the power of song and music you can get unstuck, heal, become free and limitless. 

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